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The smell of pine trees, the warmth of a campfire and the anticipation of a morning hike are all reasons to take a camping trip. You know it; there is just nothing better than sitting around a campfire roasting marshmallows and telling stories. But wait, you can’t go camping because you don’t have a camper. Or so you might think. The truth is that a camper rental in Dallas is an inexpensive and simple way to get a camper for your camping trip. This means your dreams of roasted marshmallows and a cozy campfire can come true. It also means you have a whole lot to look forward to when you do go camping.

Get Close to Nature

When you go camping, you are about as close as you can get to some of the most scenic and beautiful places on earth. How about being just a stone’s throw from a crystal clear lake or a pine forest? It just doesn’t get any better. So pack up your rental RV, settle into camp and enjoy the view because you will be seeing things you won’t see out your front window at home.

Escape from Technology

Depending on where you go camping, there is a good chance you aren’t going to get many, if any, bars on your cell phone. And it is unlikely that you will pick up a Wifi signal or other hot spot. This means you are free from the wrath you suffer carrying around a cell phone. You can spend your time camping not being bothered by unwanted texts from your drunk friend, phone calls from your mother and emails from work.

Just make sure that when you take a hike you don’t get lost as Google maps can’t help you.

Better Food

Regardless what you cook over the campfire, it will taste far better than anything you have prepared at home in your kitchen. That hot dog you just spit and roasted tastes 10 times better than the chicken cacciatore you prepared last Thursday because, well, we really don’t know why, camping food just tastes better. The wonderful taste of campfire s’mores cannot be outdone by anything you buy at Dairy Queen.

Great Workout

While not all camping activities require physical labor, much of your daily tasks will require you do more than just sit on a log. When you go camping, you can expect to do a lot of walking even if you never go on a hike. You will probably have to walk around to gather firewood or walk to the lake to fish or swim. If anything, you will get some exercise holding your hot dog over the fire while swatting away flies and other buzzing insects.

Reduce Stress

When you go camping, all of the stresses that revolve around your everyday life will slowly melt away. Perhaps it is the soothing campfire that calms your nerves, or maybe it’s the peace and quiet of the forest at night. No matter the reason you feel less stressed, it is a good feeling waking up to the morning sun and a clear head.