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There are some people who wonder why anyone would ever want to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday by going camping. And then there are those who know that going camping is awesome any time of the year, especially in November to celebrate Thanksgiving.

One of the best aspects of Thanksgiving is that it is one of those holidays that you get to settle down, settle in and relax. And with Thanksgiving, there is usually a nap involved. Aside from the cooking part, Thanksgiving is all about spending time with the family and just hanging out eating, talking and enjoying each other’s company. These are all activities perfectly suited for camping. If you have never thought about starting a new tradition that calls for a camping trip the end of the month of November, now is a good time to start.

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While most Americans will be celebrating Thanksgiving at home cramming food into their mouths with estranged relatives and falling asleep during the traditionally lopsided football games, you will be enjoying a wonderful meal surrounded by family in the beauty of nature. If this will be your first Thanksgiving on a camping trip, here are a few tips that will help make the trip better.

Check the Weather

Utilize that weather app on your iPhone to check the forecast. If there is even a small chance of rain, you will want to make sure you bring a grill to cook on as campfires and water don’t mix. If it will be cold on the trip, make sure you have plenty of firewood handy to keep everybody warm and comfortable. If you are prepared, the weather can’t push you around.

Don’t Go Overboard with the Food

When it comes to Thanksgiving Day meals, it’s tradition to swing for the fence and go huge. There are people at the grocery stores literally fighting over the biggest turkey. But keep in mind that even the simplest of tasks are more difficult when you are camping. Also keep in mind that while camping, you are limited to the appliances you use to cook. In a nutshell, no way are you going to cook a 25-pound turkey while camping, it just isn’t going to happen. The solution is to keep it simple and small.

Prep Before the Trip

This might seem a little like cheating, but prepare what you can at home before leaving on the camping trip. Use all of the conveniences of a modern kitchen to pre-make the dinner rolls, green bean casserole and mashed potatoes. These are all dishes that can be easily warmed up over a fire or in the microwave in your camper. If you plan on having pumpkin pie, make that before you leave as well.

Start Cooking Early

We have news for you, cooking on a camping trip takes a lot longer than preparing a meal in your modern kitchen full of neat and efficient appliances. If you normally start to fix the feast at, say, 10 or 11 a.m., move that up a couple of hours just to make sure. The last thing you want to do is be cooking into the late afternoon when it starts to get dark.

Serve Hot Drinks

Whether it’s a mulled wine or hot apple cider, heated drinks will warm everyone up and it’s also a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Bring along a big pot you can let the cider simmer in over the fire.

Paper Plates

While you might have a perfectly good set of camping utensils and plates, you might want to consider paper plates and plastic forks for easy cleanup. Cooking is going to be stressful enough with the added burden of having to clean up a bunch of plates and utensils.

Enjoy the Moment

While eating your Thanksgiving Day feast on your camping trip, keep in mind just how lucky you are to be experiencing the holiday in such a great way. And then turn to your family and tell them how much you appreciate them. It will be a very memorable day for all.

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