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It might still be August, but there is no denying that fall is quickly approaching. All of the signs are there; the days are getting shorter the temperatures are dropping just a little bit and you can once again watch football. There are a lot of people who find autumn to be their favorite season. You won’t get any arguments from us on that.

This is the time of year when changes start to occur, wonderful changes which make it the ideal time to take advantage of RV rental at Campers4Rent near Dallas and take a camping trip. If you are one of those people who thinks summer is the only time to go on a camping trip, you have so much to learn. Here are just a few reasons why fall is the perfect time to plan a family camping trip.

The Weather

Nothing tastes as good as a hot cup of coffee on a cool and crisp morning in the fall. Watching the sun rise while perched next to a warm fire with that steaming hot cup of coffee in your hand is one of the greatest things to experience.

In addition to the cool mornings, the days aren’t so hot as to ruin any plans you might have. It’s quite OK to take a long hike in the middle of the day because the temperatures are much cooler than they are in the heat of summer. In fact, you had better make sure you pack a hoodie and warm clothes because it has the potential to cool down.

Better Rates

Many campgrounds start dropping their rates after Labor Day, as that is the mark of the ending of the camping season. The peak season is now behind you, which means less crowded campsites, fewer mosquitos and fewer noisy neighbors to have to deal with.

Better Sleep

Many of you prefer cooler nights for better sleep. While you might toss and turn at night while camping in the heat of summer, fall offer cool nights where slumber comes much more easily. Besides, nothing makes fall camping better than the perfect opportunity to snuggle up with the one you love.

Variety of Activities

The autumn season is prime time for different types of camping activities. For example, you can pick apples, bring a pumpkin to carve or collect different types of fallen leaves. Any activity you would normally do for Halloween can be done while on your fall camping trip.

Good Food

Soups and stews cooked over an open not only taste better when eaten under the stars, they warm you up and make you feel good all over. Follow up your stew or soup with a homemade apple pie while listening to the sounds of crickets in the night air. Fall camping offers a bit of chill in the air, which means it’s the perfect time to enjoy the comforts foods you love.


The changing of the leaves gives your familiar campsite a whole new look. Hands down, fall is a gorgeous time of year.