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You are back at work after the Thanksgiving Day weekend and are glad the whole thing is over. You decided to host this year’s feast and sent invites to your family, which you discovered to be a big mistake. You had an Aunt who was horrified that you didn’t make homemade stuffing, an uncle who talked politics the entire meal and a niece who is a vegan and let everybody around her know about it.

In addition to spending seven hours preparing the meal and three hours cleaning up before the meal, it took you two days to clean the house and get it back to normal after everybody left. It’s something you doubt you will ever do again. But now that the horror of Thanksgiving is over, you have to worry about Christmas.

You see, traditionally, everybody gathers at your house to celebrate the holiday. But the last thing you want right now is a houseful of relatives and in-laws. It’s the same headache every year. You have people who will complain about the food, people who talk incessantly about politics and people who are never happy with the gifts they get. It is always a nightmare. If only there were a way to get out of hosting this year.

Maybe there is.

We have a great idea; tell the relatives and in-laws that you are taking the family camping for the holidays. While you might think camping over the holidays isn’t a very traditional way to celebrate Christmas, it comes with many benefits. Here are a few reasons to call Campers4Rent.com and utilize their Dallas RV rental service.

You Don’t Have to Deal with Relatives

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to deal with obnoxious, rude relatives? You may love your relatives, but you can’t stand to be around them for any amount of time. We get that, it’s like that with a lot of people. You would rather spend the holiday with your immediate family doing the things that everybody likes.

When you are on a camping trip with your family, you are doing something that everybody enjoys. So there aren’t any complaints.

No Responsibilities

In years past, you had to go food shopping for your guests, make the Christmas meals, clean up after the meals, set up beds for those staying the night and generally just doing more work than you would do on a normal day. In fact, you keep busy pretty much the whole time with various chores.

But when you take the family camping over the holidays, you get to forget about all of those responsibilities. You aren’t stuck in some parking lot at Walmart looking for a parking space, you aren’t doing last minute gift wrapping for uncle Joe who decided to show up at the last minute and you aren’t slaving over a hot stove making sure every guest has treats and hot chocolate.

And if you are camping over the holidays, we are pretty sure you don’t have a big ham in the oven. You will probably just grill some burgers. How fun is that?

Different Kind of Fun

Instead of sitting in front of the fireplace telling Christmas stories, you and your family will be sitting around a campfire telling each other about your day’s adventures. Other than that, you will probably do all of the things you normally would on Christmas, like opening gifts and eating goodies, but you will be camping while doing so.

More Time for the Family

Since you won’t be loaded down with a ridiculous amount of chores and you won’t be obligated to have a meaningless conversation with other relatives, you have more time to spend with the family. And because you are all likely cut off from internet connectivity, the kids won’t be distracted by their smartphones and other electronic devices. Christmas is the best time for quality family time.

Better Moods

Not only will you be in a better mood taking the family camping for the holidays, the rest of the family members will probably be in better moods as well. Remember, they hate having to deal with relatives and in-laws just as much as you.

So why don’t you treat yourself to a restful and relaxing holiday season by renting an RV from Campers4Rent.com and going camping over the holidays?