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There is nothing quite like spending a few days away from the hustle and bustle of city life at one of Texas’ campsites. Whether you are seeking solitude or a place for you and your family to set up your RV rental from Campers4Rent, there are plenty of great places to go. It doesn’t matter how you camp, camping is a great opportunity for some serious fun and great activities. Camping is an experience that all family members will enjoy.

When you go camping, you don’t have to pack a bunch of games or electronic devices to keep you occupied, there are plenty of things to do at any campsite. Here are a few examples of what you and your family can enjoy while camping.


Walking the trails is a great way to get a closer look at nature and is fun for people of all ages. Pack plenty of water and lunch for your family trek and encourage the children to identify rocks, birds and other items you encounter on the trail. If you have older children, a hike is a good way to teach teens how to read a map and use a compass, skills they will use for many years and pass along to their own children some day.

Campfire Fun

Building a campfire is just as fun as enjoying the glowing warmth of one. Send the children out to gather firewood and kindling and supervise them as they practice starting a fire.

Once the fire is roaring, the family can make s’mores, tell scary stories and enjoy the stars in the sky.

Go Canoeing

Taking a slow boat to nowhere is a great way to spend a lazy afternoon. Your children can help paddle and when they get tired, stop the canoe and perhaps do a little fishing or sightseeing. It will be an adventure they won’t soon forget.

Bird Watching

You wake up each morning to their songs, but most people don’t know what these songbirds look like. Be sure to bring an identification book and spend a morning with a pair or two of binoculars watching birds and discovering which birds sing which songs.

Bike Riding

Don’t forget to bring along those mountain bikes, you are sure to get good use from them on your camping trip. While hiking is fun, mountain biking offers a different type of workout for your body. Also, nothing is more satisfying than reaching the top of that trail, the uphill struggle will be worth it.

Horseback Riding

If you find yourself at a campsite that offers horseback riding, you should take the family for what will be a very fun and memorable experience. Horseback riding is a peaceful experience with the gentle rhythm of the walking horse. And from your vantage point, the views are spectacular.


Of all of the activities you can do while on your camping trip, fishing is probably the most relaxing. Grab your rods and reels, head out with the family and catch your dinner for the evening.