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You have decided to give camping a try again. You say this because you basically gave up on it years ago when you were a kid. You remember your parents taking you camping, at first you thought it would be fun, an adventure that would leave fond memories.

But that just wasn’t the case.

This is because your parents went camping in a tent, and it has scarred you for many years. Many years ago, you vowed never to go camping again, especially in a tent. But your stance concerning camping has softened over the years and your spouse and kids are eager to try it. You cave into the family and promise them a camping trip, but you refuse to take a tent. Instead, you will call Campers4Rent in Dallas for quality camper rental. This way, you avoid the pitfalls of camping with a tent and enjoy all of the benefits of camping with a camper.


In order to better resist rain, tents are often made of non-breathable materials. At night when the temperatures drop, the difference in temperature between outside the tent and inside the tent causes condensation build-up. Nobody wants condensation in their tent.

Wind is the Enemy

When a gust of wind hits your tent, it’s going to bend up like a pretzel. Sleeping in a wobbly tent when it is windy is just no fun at all. And what’s worse is trying to set a tent up in the wind. In fact, setting up a tent is usually a nightmare unless the weather conditions are perfect. The beauty about campers is that you don’t need tent poles to set them up and you are perfectly safe inside of them when it is windy or during any type of storm.

We Can Hear You

There is little privacy to be had camping in a tent. It’s bad enough that the chances are very high your silhouette can be seen by anybody within 50 feet of your tent, but they can also hear what you are saying as well. As you are sitting in your tent wondering who is watching you, you can’t help to think about how private campers are. In a camper, you feel safe enough to have a conversation with someone knowing people walking by can’t hear you.

Zero Climate Control

When you go camping in a tent, you are either too hot or too cold, there just isn’t a happy middle ground. The reason for this is because tents don’t offer any climate control. We take that back, if you do get too hot, you can open a tent flap. If you get too cold, you can close the tent flap. Basically, that is the extent of your climate control in a tent.

But if you are camping in a camper, you have plenty of options as far as climate control is concerned. Even if your camper isn’t equipped with a heater or air conditioning, you still have the option to open and close windows for comfort. You can even utilize a fan if necessary. And any camper is going to keep you warmer at night than a flimsy tent.

Sleep In

Sleeping in camping in a tent is nearly impossible. If the bright morning sun illuminating the inside of your tent isn’t annoying enough, the sounds of your camping neighbors who are up at the crack of dawn preparing noisily for the day ahead will destroy any hopes you have of sleeping in.

But in a camper, you can keep those curtains closed and keep the sun out. And the noisy camping neighbors are a whole lot less annoying when you can’t hear them through the walls of your camper.


Many campers come with all of the functions you need to shower, go to the bathroom and brush your teeth. You can;t say that about camping in a tent. Look, going camping to get in touch with nature doesn’t mean you have to smell like nature. Camping in a camper will allow you and your family to stay clean and smell fresh.

So go ahead and take the family camping, it will leave them with some very fond memories. If you go camping in a camper that is. Rent a camper from Campers4Rent today.