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You contacted Camper4Rent.com, let them rent you a camper and now you are packing your gear and getting ready for a great camping trip outside Dallas. You have a list of items you need to bring along including a flashlight, extra blankets, toothpaste and an action camera. Actually, it’s a pretty long list as there are many things you want to have on your camping trip.

Good for you; it is best to be well-prepared when going camping. But what about the list of food you will be bringing along? Is that a completed and proper list as well?

Probably not, you plan on bringing a few canned goods and plenty of hot dogs and burgers and you are good to go with that. And while burgers, hot dogs and canned beans are camping staples, you might want to bring along a few other food items to get the most out of your camping trip. Here is what you need to do.

Menu Planning

Before you even think about heading to the grocery store to do some shopping, you need to have a plan. You might think you can just bring along an assortment of food and plan your meals on the fly, but that only causes a lot of stress and you wind up getting frustrated and eating hot dogs every night. A detailed plan will include what you will prepare for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day that you are on your camping trip. You will also need to plan out snacks.

If you want to have bacon, eggs and hash browns for breakfast, you will need to buy bacon, eggs and hash browns. But you will also need to consider what needs to be brought along that goes with this planned breakfast, like ketchup for example. We aren’t huge fans of ketchup on hash browns, but some people love it. A lot of people like toppings on their eggs like Sriracha or Hollandaise sauce, all items that need to be brought along for your ideal breakfast.

Make sure you plan each meal in great detail so you don’t forget anything.


Camping is all about getting the most out of each day and in order to do that you need to have plenty of energy. So it is wise to start each day with a healthy, hearty breakfast. And while bacon, eggs and hash browns make for a fine breakfast, you don’t want to have it every day.

You also don’t want to have to cook breakfast every morning, this way you can hit the trails or fishing spot earlier and beat the crowd. Consider packing cereal, milk and fruit, like bananas for example. A bowl or two of a healthy cereal with banana slices is tasty, quick and good for you. Plus, you don’t have to bother frying anything up. You might also want to bring some yogurt and granola as this is also a tasty combination that makes for a good breakfast that is quick and healthy.


For much of your camping trip, you can expect to be out on the trails or fishing in the middle of the day and won’t want to head back to camp for lunch. Therefore, make sure you pack plenty of cold cuts like ham and turkey for sandwiches. Just don’t forget the mayonnaise or hummus. Eating a ham sandwich every day is rather boring, so mix things up by bringing a can or two of tuna for a tuna salad sandwich or wrap.You can also prepare a bean salad or green salad for your lunch, both are hearty and healthy choices that will give you the energy you need to power through the afternoon.


In addition to burgers, hot dogs and beans, your dinners could include grilled chicken, tacos, roast beef wraps and a cheese board. Really, the sky is the limit when it comes to dinner food choices. Bring along a few steaks and some crab legs for a little surf-n-turf meal. Oh, and don’t forget dessert!

The only rule when it comes to planning dinners for your camping trip is to have a different menu every night.

If you are ready for that camping trip, rent a camper at Campers4Rent.com.