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You all know the story; everybody knows that camping is a simple activity and one of the best things you can do over the weekend. We love our natural world and savor the experience of sleeping in nature. Yet, it happens all too often, right in the middle of a camping trip, something goes wrong and the rest of the time in nature is miserable.

Camping is pretty straightforward, yet people still somehow manage to make mistakes or overlook the obvious. When mistakes like this are made, everybody complains because they are hot or cold or wet or hungry. So before you head over to Campers4Rent near Dallas to pick up your camper rental, read up on these common mistakes you should avoid ensuring you and your family remain happy campers.

Wrong Size Camper

Maybe it was just a bad choice or perhaps you were looking to save a few bucks, either way, you wound up renting a camper way too small for your brood. Perhaps if you were a family of Oompa Loompas, it would all work out just fine. However, as full-sized members of the human race, you are now on a camping trip hundreds of miles from civilization in a camper that is literally built for two.

In addition to having some members of the family sleeping in the SUV, there isn’t enough room at the table for all of the family members and you are all basically crowded the entire time.

Test All Equipment

You are quite sure that lantern worked perfectly well the last time you used it a few years back. Well, you had better hope it works when you are in the middle of the woods and it is deathly dark outside at night. And while many of you will test obvious camping equipment, like the lanterns and the cooker, you will fail to notice the zipper on your sleeping bag is broken or there is a leak in the air mattress.

You need to test all the equipment you are bringing on your camping trip to ensure everything is properly functioning. This includes setting up your tent and turning on the sprinklers to ensure it has no leaks. You will also want to test any new gear you may have recently bought and not yet used. Go ahead and break open that new portable grill and use it a few times to make sure it will operate while on your camping trip.

Arriving Late at Campsite

Anybody who has set up camp after dark will tell you what a nightmare that can be. It is really difficult seeing well enough to get anything accomplished. Not only that, you will invariably select the worst spot for your site and might make enough noise to disturb any neighbors that have already settled in for the night.

Plan to arrive at a decent time even if there are delays on the trip. You can’t control things like traffic or bad weather, but you can leave early enough that a few delays aren’t going to put you in a situation where you are making your arrival after dark.