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When you stop by and pick up your RV rental at Campers4Rent in Dallas, you will have most everything you need for an enjoyable camping trip. Depending on the specific RV you rent, you will have a bed to sleep in, perhaps a refrigerator to keep your food fresh and maybe even a shower. But there are any other number of items and gadgets that you might want to invest in. For example, you might seriously consider buying a compass so you don’t get lost on your nature hikes.

There must be a lot of thought put into your camping trip. You have already rented an RV, that’s a good first step. But now you must consider other items that will enhance your camping experience. Here are a few items of interest to consider taking along when you go camping.


A generator will certainly enhance your camping experience and make a whole bunch of tasks a lot easier to accomplish. If you don’t want to invest in one, you can rent one from us.

Toilet Bowl Brush

Typically, the toilets in campers are rather shallow and don’t have much water at the bottom. This means that when you are done with your morning “business,” there could be, well, you know what we are so delicacy trying to say. It’s really neat if you have a toilet brush in the bathroom of your RV so your toilet looks clean and fresh when you step out of the bathroom. With a toilet brush on board, you don’t have to suffer an embarrassing situation.


For maximum comfort on your camping trip, you will want to bring along a set of sheets. If you are camping in the fall or if weather conditions are cool, you might want to consider flannel sheets because they will keep you warm and toasty. If the temperatures aren’t an issue and you desire something a little more luxurious, then bring along the satin sheets.

First Aid Kit

While your solution to a child who fell down and scraped their knee is to “rub a little dirt in it,” this is hardly the correct way to deal with an injury. And while many boo-boos that happen on camping trips can be fixed with a kiss or a Hulk Band-Aid, you want to be prepared for something a little worse.

This is not to say you need to spend a lot of money on medical supplies, there probably isn’t a need for a defibrillator on a camping trip, but you want a kit that includes all of the basics.


Campers who don’t bring hampers with them wind up with random, smelly clothes stuffed into weird places all over the camper. If you can’t justify buying a proper hamper, at least bring a garbage bag and zip tie.

Cooking Items

If you don’t bring cooking oil, the pancakes you make for breakfast will stick to the pan and you will wind up with a huge mess and hungry campers. If you bring the cooking oil but forget a spatula, you will become very creative in ways to flip a flapjack. It is best if you make a list of everything you need to cook meals while on your camping trip and check things off as they are packed.

Welcome Mat

You will want a welcome mat to place outside the steps of your camper. This serves two functions: A mat welcomes neighbors who stop by to say hello and it allows everybody who enters the camper to wipe their feet instead of tracking in a bunch of dust and dirt.

A Portable Vacuum

Even if you have three welcome mats out front of your camper, dirt and dust will still accumulate in your camper. This is because, well, you’re in nature where it is always full of dirt. And if you manage to avoid the dirt, there are dead bugs to clean up and dried grass and other vegetation floating around the camper.

Fold Up Chairs

You don’t want to spend your entire camping trip sitting in the camper. Bring along a few folding chairs and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

So grab the camping items you need and go rent a camper from Campers4Rent today!