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Fresh air scented with pine needles, a night sky full of stars and evenings around the campfire are all reasons why many people view camping as the ultimate getaway. More than 20 million people enjoy some kind of camping each year. many go camping because they seek adventure and other go camping because it relaxes them. Regardless the reason, camping is something everyone should try at least once in their life.

Perhaps you have thought about going camping, but don’t have an RV or camper and can’t stand the thought of sleeping in a tent. This is where Campers4Rent can help, we offer RV rental in Dallas. Once you have your camper, you can set off into the wild. Just be mindful of the following tips for first-time campers

Bug Repellent

Bugs love the great outdoors just as much as you do. And there is just no way to co-exist with these annoying insects. So you need to go back to the store and load up on bug sprays, repellents lotion or whatever you use to keep them off of your body.


We are sure you have packed a flashlight or two, but go ahead and add a few lanterns to the list of thing to bring camping as well. You might think that campfire will keep everything well lit, but it just doesn’t work that way. A few lanterns and camping lights placed around the campsite will not only show you the way around in safety, but they add a touch of coziness as well. We are also betting other campers will appreciate the warm ambient lighting too.

Check the Ground Before Setting up Camp

You think you found the perfect site to camp only to discover later that there are jagged rocks to avoid and a puddle that three people already stepped in. It will be in your best interest to take the time to do a quick sweep of the ground before you unpack everything and set up camp.

Fresh Coffee

After a good night’s sleep in nature, there is nothing like being greeted in the morning by sunshine, singing birds and a cup of coffee. Even as exhilarating as it is being on a camping trip, you still need your cup of Joe to get things moving along. But newbie campers seem to think that packing instant coffee is the thing to do. Camping does not mean having to skimp on the things you love, like freshly brewed coffee. Gourmet coffee grounds don’t take up any more room than instant coffee and they taste a whole lot better.

Camp Furniture

Everybody loves sitting around a roaring campfire, but nobody likes sitting on the ground or on a stump. There are several types of chairs and stools you can get that are made specifically for camping. Some even pack down as small as a loaf of bread. You could go all out and get the chairs that have cup holders and built-in storage. Either way, make sure you pack something for people to sit on.

Most campgrounds have picnic tables, which can be used at mealtime. But if the campground is crowded, this might not be an option. Having a folding table you can whip out at breakfast, lunch and dinner is a really good idea.

Bring a Tarp and Duct Tape

A tarp may seem like just an extra expense, but it comes in pretty handy at times. A tarp is nice to hang above your camper door for added protection. You can also hang it over your folding table to protect from the sun and keep you dry should it start to rain.

Having a roll or two of duct tape when camping is a must. There are any number of items you bring with you on a camping trip that could suffer breakage. And as anyone knows, duct tape can fix just about anything. If the tarp rips, you have duct tape to fix it. If your chair rips, you have duct tape to fix it. If you find a hole on the side of one of your hiking shoes, duct tape can fix that as well.

So if you are ready to try camping for the very first time, come see the campers we have available at Campers4Rent.